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We believe we  can

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Fashion Meets Service

EKIRAT was founded by a group of like-minded fashion devotees, determined to deliver style to shoppers worldwide. Our store policies are fair and generous, our customer service is smart and useful. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping online today and find out more about what makes us so special.

At EKIRAT we are renowned for our stylish, affordable fashion. The unique touches we bring to our collections help us standout from the rest. Our customers can always rely on us for great going-out looks and occasion wear, amazing Kurtas and fabulous Bottom wears. We pride ourselves on being the perfect online store to pick up everything you need for a brand new head-to-toe look.

At our Online shop, we always aim to bring new and original fashion to you, with great design at the heart of everything we create. Almost all of our products are designed in-house and, as we have one of the largest design teams on the EKIRAT we are proud that we can deliver fabulous new fashion in-store and online as per your needs.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At EKIRAT, there is an underlying and long standing commitment to ethical trading based upon the belief that business can be both profitable and responsible.

We have always believed that building meaningful long term relationships with employees, suppliers and communities is good business practice for us and is what our customers expect of us. This is, and always has been, the founding principle of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.




In all stores, offices and warehouses we are committed to operating in a way that is mindful of the demand on our planet's limited resources. We have incorporated the use of renewable energy sources into our operations and reduced the levels of product packaging. We also recycles and uses biodegradable materials whenever possible.

Ethical Policy and Standards

Compliance with the standards of Ethical Policy is considered a key requirement of everyone working with our brand, and is included in the end-to-end assessment of both supplier, and buying team performance.

We have adopted the ETI Base Code as the minimum standards that should apply to workers in our supply chain as set out below. If local law sets higher standards than the base code then these legislative requirements should be met:

  • Employment is freely chosen (not forced or enslaved)

  • Freedom of association (freedom of speech; the right of workers to negotiate with employers)

  • Working conditions are safe and hygienic

  • Child labour shall not be used

  • Living wages are paid

  • Working hours are not excessive

  • No discrimination is practised

  • Regular employment is provided

  • No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed

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